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As simple as it gets!

Follow these 3 steps to start your MYNT journey!

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Step 1

Download the app

Register with the app and wait for us to validate your details. Process is simple and fast! It only takes couple of minutes. 
Once you are verified you are ready for the next step.

Step 2

Book your moped

Locate the nearest moped on the map and press to book or check status. You can reserve a moped for 10 minutes.

Step 3


By pressing the button to START a ride, topcase will unlock and moped will be ready to use. Put the helmet safely on and start the journey! Stop and ride whenever you want to, but remember to finish your trip in the designated area. 

Move freely around the city

Mopeds are the best vehicles for busy coastal cities. Avoid crowds in public transport, avoid traffic jams and explore the city like a local.

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Move and stop along the way wherever you like, but remember to end your trip within the designated area.

We are available
24 hours a day

The cleanest way to get there!

All our vehicles are environmentally friendly, fully electric, safe
and not harming the wellbeing of your city.

1. By riding MYNT, you reduce your footprint

2. You avoid the crowds of public transport

3. You respect the social distancing measures

4. You're in the open air

5. You keep our city quiet and peaceful

Become a member

Thank you for your support and be careful.

It’s all about fun!

Electric! Zero emission vehicles!

MYNT mopeds are extremly fun to ride!

mynt mopeds are extremly fun to ride

0,30 EUR / min.

0,30 EUR / min is our STANDARD rate, but here you can check all options we have for topping your wallet. It is simple as it gets! More amount you bring, better rate you receive!

Did you know?

You can reserve moped for up to 10 minutes for free.

Select 'pause' in the app to turn off and lock your vehicle to keep it for yourself. (Lower price per minute when vehicle is in "pause".

You can contact the MYNT team via phone, email or WhatsApp.
(Contact details inside the app)

MYNT 20 €

+2,00 €

If you top-up your wallet with 20 € you will get bonus of 2 € on us.


MYNT 50 €

+6,00 €

If you top-up your wallet with 50 € you will get bonus of 6 € on us.


MYNT 100 €

+15,00 €

If you top-up your wallet with 100 € you will get bonus of 15 € on us.


This is how it works!

It really can't get simplier than this!

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mobile app

Download MYNT App now and experience the city in different way.

You can download MYNT app on both Google Play and Apple Store. Whole process shoudn’t take more than 5 minutes, please have in mind you will need to upload your driving licence, take a selfie and upload your credit or debit card information.

About MYNT mopeds

Practical, economical, non-polluting and fast! Discover your new means of transport.

MYNT mopeds are 100% electric which means they are more fun to ride and are good for environment! 

Every moped has 2 helmets to ensure you and your passenger are safe. 

Phone holder ensures easy navigation. 

Mynt electric scooter

We’re here for any question...

  • Registration is very simple: you can do it via the app, available both for IOS and Android:
    1. Fill out the registration form; in addition to your personal details we will need a photograph of your National ID or passport, driving licence and details of your bank card.
    2. We will then verify your data and let you know when these have been validated.
    3. After validation, you may access the service by starting a session on your app.
    Remember that during the registration process we are available via phone / WhatsApp / Viber on +385 95 380 3061 or by email at [email protected]
  • Our motorbikes are 50cc and therefore you must meet one of the following requirements:
    • To have the driving licence for B category
    • Be at least 18 years old and have an A, A1 or A2 driving licence
  • Our mopeds are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
  • You can see available moped on the map included in the MYNT app.
  • In the moped topcase you will find two different sized helmets, one for you and one for your passenger, as well as hairnets, although, if you prefer, you can use your own helmet. Remember that in Croatia it’s mandatory to wear a helmet throughout your trip.
Mynt Smart mobility

MYNT Mobility d.o.o. with its registered office in Dubrovnik, Croatia at Vladimira Nazora 1, 20000 Dubrovnik, entered into the National Court Register, under registration number (OIB) 20443411451.

Contact details: phone: +385 95 3803061 e-mail: [email protected]

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